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Name:Jemma Simmons
Birthdate:Oct 17
Role play account for Jemma Simmons of Agents of SHIELD. Made for fun, not profit. Not official in any way. Mun and muse are both over 18.

I can play her from canon or spin her into any number of AUs. For example:

Hogwarts verse- I play her as an Auror working for Coulson.
FallOut verse- Recruited by the Followers of the Apocalypse at a young age. Meets Fitz around 17 and after a few years they leave to travel together and pursue science.
Kushiel's Dart: A promised member of Balm house whose marque is sold early (12) to Dr. Selvig. Partially because of her mental prowess, but moreso her awkward nature. After a couple of years there she finds Fitz dying in an alley and after nursing his wounds she convinces Selvig to take him in as well.
Android verse: Jemma dies in an unfortunate accident and in his grief, Fitz finishes their final project- a very realistic android- in the shape of his lost friend. She's really sweet and cheerful.

This just scratches the surface and gives you an idea of the kind of range I like to play with. If you want to run a scenario please message me. There are a lot of things I'll play, but I'll never judge or hate on a suggestion I don't care for. :)

I ship her with Fitz, Skye, Bobbi, Trip, Ward (but it'll be in character so I can't do fluffy canon after Turn. Turn. Turn.), and Coulson. But if you present a good scenario with someone else I'm likely to take you up on it. I try to keep her as in character as possible so some pairings need a little bit of help to happen. We can talk it out. :D
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